Training Booking FAQs

How do I use the Calendar Options when looking for a course?

To view the training courses available, select the area of training you are interested in Youth, Adult, PB, Shore Based or In-House, this opens the main training page for this area of training.

These pages contain a Calendar showing all training for this option, to use the calendar you have three viewing choices and a search function;

  • Monthly
  • List (containing the next six months of training for this area, in a list form).

To scroll through the months use the next icon < or > to move forward or backward a month. When you have found an event you are interested in, then either double click on it or hover on the event, to see the event details. You can then click on the red "Book Online Now" button at the bottom of the course details which will transfer you to the relevant training page, if logged in you will transfer to a page where you can select your course and process the booking.

Your can also select from any Training Icons above the calendar which will then be transfer you to the relevant training page where you can select your course and process the booking.

What are the Terms and Conditions for Booking a Course

Link to Document, click to open, these are the terms and conditions that need to be accepted when placing a booking - BSC Terms and Conditions for bookings

Why did BSC Cancel my Course?

Regrettably, if there are insufficient people booked on course we occasionally have to cancel courses, we will endeavor to do this two weeks before the commencement date of the cancelled course. The reason for this is that courses are priced to be competitive and represent excellent value for money but to do this, we then need a minimum number of attendees. For further details please refer to the policy on cancellation as listed in the terms and conditions.

Why didn't the Participant Achieve the Training Level or Stage of their Course?

Instructors will continuously evaluate a participants ability and as necessary they may make changes to boat or course allocation to better suit the participant, this is to ensure that all participants get the maximum out of any course.